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where to from here: The Masonic Project hosts collaborative event with arts community

St. John’s, NL (November 16, 2023) – The owners of The Masonic (formerly known as The Masonic Temple) in downtown St. John’s are bringing the arts and culture community and stakeholders together this week for “Where To From Here: A conversation about the future of arts and culture in Newfoundland and Labrador.”

Members of the media are invited to day two of the session to hear from The Masonic owners, Morgan and Duncan MacRae, along with representatives of the arts community for in-person interviews. Media will have the opportunity to discuss the purpose of the event, what was learned, and how it ties into the MacRaes’ vision for The Masonic.

Interviews will take place starting at 11:45 am tomorrow (November 17, 2023) at The Alt Hotel (125 Water Street, St. John’s). Please contact Erin Molloy in advance to arrange interviews.

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Media contact:
Erin Molloy
(709) 727-8841


Growing up in Seal Cove in the 90s and 2000s, art was important to Morgan MacRae. Knowing that more space and support is needed, Morgan has kicked off a multi-year process of understanding how best to get involved with and support the arts community in Newfoundland and Labrador.

With this goal in mind, Morgan and her husband Duncan started by investing in a St. John’s icon, what was formerly known as The Masonic Temple, in 2021. Their vision was that this historic space could be a hub for the arts and culture community of Newfoundland and Labrador, and an anchor for conversations with the arts community about what the future can hold and how to get there together.

Morgan has made a commitment to spend time understanding how this space can contribute to the future of arts and culture in the province. This isn’t just about a building—it is a conversation across disciplines and professions across arts and culture. About listening and learning.

For Morgan, focusing on flexibility is vital because dancers, musicians, actors, painters, sculptors, crafters, arts professionals and community groups all have different needs, and offering a forum for everyone to come together and join a dialogue to explore these needs is the first step in supporting a vibrant community.

This is that conversation…


  • Spend time sharing ideas, stories and ambitions for the arts and culture community.
  • Explore strategies that support all aspects of a successful arts and culture community.
  • Facilitate more collaborations between artists, arts professionals, artistic disciplines, funders and facility operators.
  • Build momentum and energy for the paths forward.

*Artwork above by Megan Nicole Art & Illustration